Our Services

  Home staging is the art of preparing a home for

  market to highlight its best features in the most

  appealing manner. Staging is essential in today’s

  market and greatly enhances the chance of

  increasing the market value of the home and

  selling the home quickly. 

  Loving Touch Home Staging and Redesign works
  part-time transforming homes, using precious

  treasures available in the home, into a space where
  buyers can envision themselves living. It is our
  mission to stage your treasures into sold! 

  We offer a one-hour consultation that includes a

  walk-through of the home to assess the visual

  appearance of each room in the home and advise

  our client's on enhancing the features of the

  home including furniture replacement or

  arrangement, accessory removal or placement and

  any updates or repairs that are necessary to ensure

  that the home is market ready.  

  We offer staging services including hands-on

  staging for our client's which entails staging the
using the available treasures in the
such as furniture, accessories, artwork and

  decorative objects to redesign, declutter, and

  organize rooms and accentuate the best features of

  the house.


  We offer personal shopping including obtaining

   items as needed within a designated budget.